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Is Your Product Development Half-Actions?

Via Jack Vinson, I found this gem: Stop doing half-actions. All of you who are separating your developers from your testers? You are doing half-actions. Separating the writers from the developers and testers? Half actions there, too. Even when you define architecture and implement across the architecture, instead of by feature, that’s a half-action. A …

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Measuring Project Completion Progress

  I taught my project dashboard workshop today. One of the things most people want to measure is progress towards project completion. But you can’t measure project completion progress unless you have completed features: developed, integrated, and tested features. A completed feature is done enough for someone to use. Implementing by architecture leaves all the …

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Implementation by Feature and Embedded Systems Issues

  I’ve been working with some companies who do hardware/software systems. Most often, they have some embedded code too, just to make life interesting. To be honest, I don’t know how to do implementation by feature for a whole brand new system. Here’s what I’ve been suggesting: Prototype the software architecture as early as possible, …

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