Is Your Product Development Half-Actions?

Via Jack Vinson, I found this gem: Stop doing half-actions.

All of you who are separating your developers from your testers? You are doing half-actions. Separating the writers from the developers and testers? Half actions there, too. Even when you define architecture and implement across the architecture, instead of by feature, that's a half-action. A half-action means you have technical debt and will have to get back to that area of the product.

Silos encourage half-actions (or third-actions or sixth-actions). Defining the architecture and implementing across it encourages half-actions. Create a cross-functional product development team. Have them finish one feature at a time. That's a full action.

6 thoughts on “Is Your Product Development Half-Actions?”

  1. I am guilty of this one on a daily basis and hopefully having read it I can save myself next week. Coming soon: a manageable list of bite-sized tasks!

    I’ve shared this link at my blog just now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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