Technology Gets Old One Day at a Time: Broken Blog Feeds and What You Missed

Technology gets old. While we know that intellectually, we might not know it as it pertains to us. Here’s a story about how technology changes one day at a time and everything is okay—until it’s not. (Don’t want the long sad story? Go to Here’s What You Missed.) A Short History of My Site I …

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Test of Blog Feed and Email

If this post works, I’ll send a longer post with the too-sad, too-long story of broken feeds and missing emails. But this post needs to work first. Thanks for your patience.

Malware is Gone and All is Well

I’ve had a confusing couple of weeks. First, a nice gentleman who was considering my job search book (in beta) told me he was seeing potential virus notifications on Hiring Technical People. Well, that seemed strange. But, then another colleague who’d participated in my Peer Project Portfolio Coaching also saw the notifications. With two PC-running …

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Happy New Year

Everyone, I thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you have a healthy and happy 2009.

I'm # 30 on Jurgen's List

I don’t normally pay much attention to these kinds of things, but what the heck, this will give Jurgen a link back. Jurgen has collated the Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers (Q3 2008). I have no idea if he will continue to do this quarter after quarter (!). I’m glad that other people find …

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Need Help with BackUpWordPress

I’ve been using BackUpWordPress to backup my blogs. I successfully upgraded Hiring Technical People to a newer version of WP and of BackUpWordPress. I upgraded this blog, Managing Product Development, to the newer version of WP, but now my newer version of BackUpWordPress is not working. I’m pretty sure it’s all about file permissions. If …

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Blog Update: Categories

I have finally gone back through all of my older blog entries and attached tags to them. This should help if you think you read something here, and can’t remember exactly what it was called.