Malware is Gone and All is Well

I’ve had a confusing couple of weeks. First, a nice gentleman who was considering my job search book (in beta) told me he was seeing potential virus notifications on Hiring Technical People. Well, that seemed strange. But, then another colleague who’d participated in my Peer Project Portfolio Coaching also saw the notifications. With two PC-running people seeing them, I knew I had a problem.

I use a Mac, and don’t see these things, so I asked my web master for help. He suggested we ask my ISP. A day or so later, Google decided I was a malware site. Oh boy, that was a huge problem.

My ISP finally located the problem several days later, and discovered they had a backup from several weeks ago that did not have the problem. My backups only run for a couple of weeks at a time, not close to a month. Guess I will have to revisit that strategy.

Yesterday after my site and blogs were restored, and Google reviewed my site, the malware notifications were gone. Happy days!

You can safely surf to my site and my blogs again. (You actually could before. But who am I to argue with Google?)

The one nice thing about this is, I know who my friends are. My friends emailed me. You posted on Twitter to make sure I knew. This was a different kind of collaboration, but a collaboration nonetheless. Thank you. And now, all is well.

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