How I Manage Comments

Some of my readers appear to be new to reading and commenting on blogs. Here's how I manage my comments:

  • I moderate (personally) all the comments. That means I read them and approve them
  • Any comment that has content, I approve. I don't care who writes it.
  • If I read a comment from anyone and it has an advertisement in it, I delete the comment, write to the person and encourage that person to resubmit without the advertisement.
  • I mark comments with just ads as spam.

I don't take ads on this blog, by design. I am happy to have people with content-ful (or even partially content-ful!)  comments to post their urls in their comments. But don't just take comment space to advertise to my readers. I won't approve those comments, and I will not let you do it.

Back to the real topics now.

1 thought on “How I Manage Comments”

  1. That’s how I do it do, pretty much. I think that’s a very fair way to address comment moderation and ensure that the right stuff gets in. I find that seldom do comments that are advertising something have anything to do with the post.

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