Spreading Blogger Love from SHRM 2013

I had a chance to hang at the Blogger Lounge at SHRM this week, courtesy of Dice.com. I'm used to participating in conferences. I speak at many conferences, keynoting at many of them.

This conference was a different experience for me. I got to be in the Blogger's Lounge, talking to bloggers, writing (attempting to, ha! catch up on my blogging for Dice) and trying to meet some lovely HR bloggers.

Big shoutout to Curtis Midkiff, @SHRMSMG who attempted kept us all in order. I mean, we are grownups, but we are bloggers.

So, in no particular order, here is some blog love.

David Ryan blogs at HROfficial.com

Joan Ginsberg blogs at Just Joan.

Marylene Delbourg-Delphis blogs at Grade A Entrepeneurs. Yes, she is the one of the first people to read anything Guy Kawasaki writes. She is that Marylene.

Mike Haberman blogs at OmegaHRSolutions. He's known as the “HR Compliance Guy.”

Susan Avello blogs over at HRVirtualCafe. I don't know if she uses camel caps, but I do 🙂 Susan, I envied all your M&Ms.

Sabrina Baker blogs at Acacia HR Solutions.

Jonathan Brewer blogs at HouseofBrew. Jonathan, I hope your knee heals quickly. Apparently, there was a kickball game and his knee was a casualty.

Paul Smith of WelcomtotheOccupation.

Cathy Missildine-Martin of Profitability Through Human Capital.

Gerry Crispin of CareerXRoads. Gerry has been writing for years about staffing and recruiting. He didn't know I'd been reading him all this time. Well, I have.

The incomparable China Gorman. If you've been following my tweets, you know I'm a China Gorman groupie. What can I say? I met her in person. I gushed over her. She was so sweet to me. (I think she followed me back on Twitter. Oh my.)

And, of course, John Sumser of HrExaminer. If you are not following John Sumser and you are interested in the issues of recruiting or HR, you are not in your right mind. I'm not sure you're in your left mind either. Follow him and read the HRExaminer. You will not be sorry.

I blog for Dice at Resources.Dice.com and I thank Dice for sending me and providing me with a totally different conference experience. Wow.


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