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What's the single biggest point of leverage you have in changing your team? It's not the process. After the manager, it's the people on your team. (Your manager is the single biggest point of leverage because of the political leverage the manager has.)

This is why it is so important to become great at hiring people. That's why I wrote Hiring Geeks That Fit.

(You also have to become great at keeping people, but that's the subject for another book 🙂

Shane Hastie, my friend and sometime coauthor, interviewed me for InfoQ about Hiring Geeks That Fit. I hope you enjoy the interview, and I hope you decide to read the book.

If you have read the book and are dithering about writing a review, please do write a review. Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are best. Reviews on your blog are great, too. If you write a review on your blog, you can copy/paste it to Amazon and Goodreads. That's what I do.

I am within days of getting the book to print. I have a meeting with my print book designer this afternoon, who will provide me my list of things to do. Blurbs are part of that. Blurbs often come from reviews. So, if you have read the book, please write a review. I thank you!

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