Resume Tip #1: Quantify your value to the company

If you're looking for a job, make sure you describe the benefits of your work to potential employees. Especially if you've been performing staff work such as QA or process improvement, try to quantify the benefits of your work. Here are some examples:

Instead of saying “Led process definition” consider:

  • Managed process improvement project, leading to meeting project deadlines
  • Facilitated process improvement discussions, leading to reduced cycle time for three projects
  • Worked with managers to define the process to reduce defects. Customers gave us a quality award.
  • Define customer retention process. Changed customer retention from 55% to 75%, with an increase of revenue of xxx%

If you're working in process improvement now and aren't quantifying your effect on the company, it's time. Learn how valuable your work is now. Then update your resume with quantifiable information.

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  1. Your writing inspire me, inspire me to think and do better.
    After reading about “Quantifying” advice, I am thinking that is it possible to quantify all or most of the things I am doing everyday? It looks like, for most of the things, if I try to quantify I will get a lot of clarity about the task itself.


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