Candidates and Email Addresses

Louise Fletcher in What’s Your Email Address? says “Choose an address that is as bland and professional as possible.”

Well, I don’t know that I would categorize a professional email address as bland, but then, I’m a geek. But I absolutely agree with Louise about the suitability of the email address she referred to “sexyeyes…” You might be “wannabeaskibum.” Right, that will impress potential hiring managers and HR people. (Actually, if you wanna be an anything that’s not this job, why are you applying for this job??) Even an address such as “lovesdogs” isn’t sufficiently professional enough.

Hiring managers, if you see a candidate with an email address that’s not professional, it is information. But you have to be a little careful about what information it is. It does mean that the candidate didn’t take the time to acquire a professional email address. It could be that the candidate was so bowled over by your position that he or she didn’t want to waste even the five minutes it takes to obtain a free email address. Or, it could be that the candidate didn’t even think about the effect the candidate’s email name would have on you. Or, it could mean that the candidate wants to work with other people who have similar interests. You just don’t know.

Candidates, why take the chance? If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a bang-up resume and this job looks great, why not use a professional email address? By professional, I mean an email address that doesn’t look like a hobby or a come-on (or anything else I wouldn’t even think of 🙂

Remember, your email address is part of the first impression people have of you. Make it a good one.

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