Do Not Send Me Your Resume

I received an outraged phone call this morning. Some woman was calling on behalf of a candidate who had sent me a resume. Let me explain, in case it’s not clear.

I am not a recruiter. I have no open positions. I do not supply resume review services. I am trying to make a difference for technical managers and teams who need to know how to hire and integrate new people into their organizations.

If I didn’t ask you for your resume, I trash it. I don’t even read unsolicited resumes. If you’re a candidate, carefully review anyplace someone else sends your resume.If you’re looking for recruiters, visit my colleagues at If you need resumes reviewed, talk to someone like Louise. But don’t send me your resume and don’t be angry with me when I trash it. I’m not the person you need for finding a job or for a better resume. I am the person who can help you understand how to interview. That’s it.

2 Replies to “Do Not Send Me Your Resume”

  1. Another case of people’s expectations not matching reality. I do have some questions about this, though. What expectations did the candidate have? How did the candidate form those expectations? (And, what relationship did the woman have with the candidate? Did the candidate not speak English well enough to speak up for him/her-self?)
    Funny how people form expectations sometimes, I’m sure there’s an interesting story here.

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