Recruiting via the Web Requires Extra Research

Via Mischievous Ramblings I discovered Microsoft tries to recruit me.

Here’s the message I’m seeing loud and clear: It’s worth a few minutes to perform a little research on the name of the person you’ve just discovered via the web. If you’re a hiring manager and you’re hiring a contract recruiter, interview the recruiter. Ask questions such as, “Give me an example of someone you found via the web. How did you find that person? How did you make contact? What intrigued you about the candidate?” Try using questions like these to discriminate among recruiters who say they know how to use the web to uncover candidates and those who actually do know.

3 Replies to “Recruiting via the Web Requires Extra Research”

  1. What an astonishingly rude and childish response. Eric could actually do a lot of good in MS, and no company is beyond change. OTOH, it wasn’t a real offer anyway, it was just a preliminary discussion…

  2. It wasn’t discussion, it was spam. I got an identical message from Microsoft, except instead of being addressed to Eric S. Raymond, it was address to C. Keith Ray.
    I think they were sending spams to a mailing list based on search engine results, and Eric and I got messages at about the same time because we both have “Ray” in our names.

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