Series on Hiring Technical People

Have you seen Nick Korbel’s series about hiring techies? See On Hiring Techies.

There are several posts:

  • Evaluate Potential, Not Accomplishments. He’s talking about evaluating qualities, preferences, and non-technical skills.
  • Coding Challenge: A pre-interview audition. The cool thing is that they then discuss the audition in the interview.
  • The Team Interview. I dislike panel interviews. It sounds as if Nick has some positive experience with it. I prefer one-on-one interviews with an interview matrix to organize the interviewing. One thing I do like is that Nick says the entire team must agree with the hire. (Yes—Fist pump!)
  • Hire For Cultural Fit. Nick says, “I can teach someone a new technology. I cannot teach someone how to fit into our culture.” Believe it.

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My own cultural fit posts:

HiringGeeksThatFit.150 You can always get your own copy of Hiring Geeks That Fit. It explains everything all in one place.

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  1. Charlie

    My team has been using panel interviews for years and we’ve had great results. In fact many of our hires report that the panel interview was a big part of why they joined us, and that they liked it much better than other interviews they had done, because it gave them a chance to get to know us and see what it would be like to work with us. It’s definitely a bigger time commitment for the interview team but we think it’s well worth it.

    • johanna

      Charlie, wow, that’s great. Maybe you can explain how you organize the panel? I suspect it’s not a bunch of people sitting at a table across from the candidate, firing questions. It sounds as if you have thought about creating more of a team-like atmosphere.

      If you don’t want to comment, email me the specifics, and I can write a blog post about how to make panel interviews work for you.


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