Shift-M Podcast Posted About Hiring

Yegor Bugayenko asked me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about Hiring Geeks That Fit. I gladly accepted and the podcast is now up: Shift-M/10.

We spoke about many issues in hiring:

I had a blast and ranted/raved several times. In the last part about career ladder, I did mention the difference between boy parts and girl parts. I was not so mature. (I am a work in progress…) It's still safe for work or the car.

2 thoughts on “Shift-M Podcast Posted About Hiring”

  1. I’ll listen to the podcast later today and return with any comments. In the meantime, re: body parts, we are both works in progress. I maintain that women can do anything men can do except write their names in the snow. And most women are wise enough delegate that, if the requirement comes up.

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