Rejection Letter Template After the Interview

Dave Liebreich gave me feedback yesterday that I’d forgotten to include a template of a rejection letter (after the interview) in the book. Argh. I’ve started an errata page for this and other potential problems. A rejection letter has only three components:


Thank you.

Good luck with your job search.

Write the no part first. Don’t apologize; just write something like this: “Your experience doesn’t fit our needs at this time.” Then, write the thank you part, “Thank you for interviewing with us.” Finally, write the good luck part, “Good luck with your job search.”The reason I write the no part first is simple: if you haven’t called the candidate with an offer, the candidate knows you don’t want to hire him or her, but anything other than the no at the beginning can raise a candidate’s hopes. I don’t want to disappoint a candidate more than necessary.

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  1. you could be a little bit more human about this, particularly given the time/energy spent in the interview.
    I believe a different template is necessary after the final interviews.
    Thank you
    We enjoyed meeting you
    Although it was a difficult .. .
    Best of luck

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