Hiring Managers, Marketing, and Recruiting

For some unknown-to-me-reason, more and more hiring managers appear to be attempting to do their own recruiting. While I do encourage hiring managers to network and constantly be on the lookout for candidates, especially passive candidates, I can’t see how a hiring manager can effectively perform the management job and recruit for candidates.If you’re in the position of trying to find your own candidates, consider outsourcing the recruiting piece. You can hire a contract recruiter, someone who brings his or her contact list into your organization, works the phones and email, searches the web, and sources candidates for you. (You pay this person as a contractor, an hourly wage.) You can hire an external recruiter who will do the same and only cost you money if he or she finds a candidate. You can allow/encourage/train/hire an in-house recruiter (see Heather as an example of an in-house recruiter).

If you’re not sure where to look for recruiting help or other marketing help, take a look at HR Marketer. I discovered them via Recruiting.com. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’m in their HR experts directory.) And if you select an external recruiter, make sure you develop a great working relationship with that firm/person.

I’ll be the first to admit I am a neophyte when it comes to searching the web and marketing to source candidates. And if you’re a hiring manager, you should be too. That’s not the place you add value to the entire hiring process. You add value in job analysis, determining the interview team, who’ll ask which kinds of questions, how you’ll audition, how you’ll decide about candidates, what to make as an offer, checking references, and starting the person working in a way that makes sense. But not sourcing candidates. Leave that to the experts.

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