Managing One-on-One Workshop Announcement

This one is for you HR managers and folks who don't normally read my Managing Product Development blog.Esther and I are leading our management workshop: Behind Closed Doors: Managing One-on-One, July 10-12, 2006, in Minneapolis. Interested? Here's the flyer (PDF). I'll be adding a workshop page to my site later today. I'll update this post when it's done.This is a workshop for managers, project managers, and technical leads. Here's what we'll be exploring and practicing in the workshop:

  • How people really take in information and where things can go wrong, how to recognize when an interaction is off track, and what to do about it.
  • How to actively listen to what someone else is saying.
  • How to give–and receive–effective feedback.
  • How and when to coach and mentor.
  • What issues to address in career development and how to address them.
  • How to build trust with each person in your group.
  • How to have effective one-on-one meetings.

If you ever work with people in a managerial capacity (whether you're called a manager or not :-), this workshop is for you. HR folks: if you're looking for management workshops that actually teach people how to manage, this is it. Email me if you have questions.

2 thoughts on “Managing One-on-One Workshop Announcement”

  1. I’d like to comment on hiring technical or other folks that includes a scientific method for making the right job match with the right person.
    Using scientific On Line Job Fit / Job Match Assessments Tools you can reveal what’s under the iceberg and invisible during interviews. The concept is not personality based but instead defines and then compares candidates to the actual traits that the top performers in the company have. Its always specific to the company, its market, work environment, management styles and results in a true match between a candidate and the specific traits needed for success at that specific company in their specific challenges in their specific “world”.
    Turnover is very expensive and all too common, even when a person is hired that “seems” to fit. Its no longer affordable to risk it on a “seems right”. More certainty is needed so a company can hire right and promote right the first time, retain people and grow them into ever more responsibility.
    On line job fit / job match assessment tools can:
    · Predict and Prevent a Bad Hire before you make the offer
    · Control Hiring Right the First Time
    · Increase Employee and Management Performance
    · Increase Employee Retention
    They are not expensive, need no training or special skills to interpret or use and their ROI is instant.
    Thanks for posting this idea
    Neil Licht, Managing Director
    ANSWERS On Line Job Fit / Job Match Assessments Tools
    · Predict and Prevent a Bad Hire before you make the offer
    · Control Hiring Right the First Time
    · Increase Employee and Management Performance
    · Increase Employee Retention
    (508) 481-8567 cell (508) 341-9563

  2. Neil,
    I’m sceptical that there is a “scientific” way of measuring people and determining that they’re a good fit for a particular organization. On the one hand, I don’t think that the richness of human ability can be reduced to numerical measures such as “Learning Index,” “Manageability,” and “Objective Judgement.” On the other, I don’t think that such test scores will be good predictors as to either job performance, or job longevity. It reminds me of the time a prospective employer gave me a manual dexterity test for a position as a programmer.
    To be honest, the claims you make, coupled with the fact that your comment was attached to Johanna’s Managing One-on-One Workshop announcement, makes me think that your comment is just spam.

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