Hiring Strategy #2: Work is Changing Focus

Sometimes, technical managers realize their groups aren’t performing all the necessary work, and worse, the people in the group don’t have the background or capability to do the new kind of work. The example I used in the book was that of a test manager who had been hiring testers who had all the same functional skills (manual black box testing), and now needed to have testers with different functional skills (performance and reliability testing).

I have a difficult time with this one. My expectation is that the manager should be able to foresee when their processes need to change. However, there are certainly managers out there who don’t have the technical knowledge to foresee when their group’s work needs to change. If you are one of those managers, bone up on what the people in your organization do and could be doing.

But especially if you’ve taken over a group with all one kind of skill, or if you realize that you can’t do the work as you’ve always done it, this strategy is one to consider.

What’s most important here is the set of functional skills already in your group and the set you need. Defining those functional skills requires care; I suggest you review the job analysis and make sure you understand the activities and deliverables required.

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  1. I somewhat touch on this in my own blog in a post on Staffing a New QA/Test Group.
    To me, it is not just an expectation that a manager forsee their changing needs, but a requirement. The manager, in order to be effective needs to have a vision of where they want to be in 18 months, 3 years, etc. Only then can you do the necessary hiring. Think of a manager as a professional rally driver. They have the notes read to them 2 or 3 corners ahead so they know how to prepare the car. Same basic principle applies in QA/Test groups; there is little that can be done about the present, but you can be prepared for the future.

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