How Are Your Jobs Organized on Your Company’s Site?

I’m caught up with my project management book, at least until I receive more edits from my editor. So I’m catching up with my blogging.I was looking at a client’s site today. They have a couple of hundred open positions–not surprising, since they’re a large company. You can sort by date opened and location. But you can’t sort by type of job. Well, you sort-of can–by alphabetical order.So if you’re a developer, do you look under “A” for analyst? Or “P” for programmer? or “D” for developer? And, since the page only shows 10 jobs at a time, your readers–potential applicants–don’t have enough context to see.It makes some sense to name jobs by the job title. But the job title is an internal name, not an external name that means anything to potential candidates.If you’re a hiring manager or an HR person, take a critical look at your site. Can your potential candidates find the jobs that fit for them? Or, are the jobs organized so that it’s easy for you to post?

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