Take a More Agile Approach to Hiring

In Hiring the Best …, I recommend you hire for today’s projects, not for tomorrow’s projects.Now that we are back in a candidate’s market, it’s even more important to hire the people you need now. You can’t tell who you’ll need in the future. That “guaranteed” project? I’ve seen many of them postponed again and again. The plan to hire someone now and make that person a manager in several months? That always takes longer.A more agile approach says, “Here’s what we need to do now. which of the candidates will help us get the work done now?” If these people are good enough to help you finish the work, they’re good enough to learn the new work.

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  1. I agree. I don’t know how many times I have seen managers bring in people for an upcoming project. The upcoming project never comes up. Then they have to explain to the jobless person how someone else made a mistake blah blah blah

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