Candidates and Hiring Managers: Creating a Partnership

In a previous comment, a reader points to a resume that’s written like a cross between a cover letter and a resume. While the resume has a number of useful points, the resume is too quick to tell possible hiring managers what they are doing wrong. That dismissal of what hiring managers sometimes do also dismisses a possible partnership between the hiring manager and the candidate.

A partnership? That seems like an odd comment or expectation. Here’s why: Part of what candidates seek is a cultural fit with the hiring company — in particular, the hiring manager. What the hiring manager looks for is someone who can perform the work the hiring manager perceives is needed, and who can fit into the existing organization.I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about this notion of a partnership before, but when a position really fits the candidate (and vice versa), it does create a partnership. I’ll be thinking about this more… But in the meantime, whether you’re a candidate or a hiring manager, it’s worth your time to think that each person is doing the best job he or she knows how to do, and that each person’s goal is to treat each other with respect.

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