Diversity, Curiosity and Innovation

Via Curious?, I found Give Curiosity and Chance. Here’s a telling quote

From a hiring perspective (you just knew this was coming, right?), hiring managers are in love with deliverables and narrowly defined requirements. Look at job postings these days and you’ll find a litany of mandatory experience and skills.

Innovation requires curiosity. And, it requires diversity of thought and experience. ((See Frans Johansson‘s The Medici Effect for compelling explanations of why.)

I can hear you hiring managers now, “But I need someone who can be effective now!” Yes, you do. But you don’t need to focus on strictly tools and technology expertise to find just the right person now. Each person’s qualities, preferences, functional skills, and ability to learn domain expertise are more important than a laundry list of technical skills.

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  1. But the majority of managers of technical people DON’T CARE about the candidate’s preferences, and actively screen for candidates who ALREADY HAVE the required domain knowledge. Especially if the candidates are contract ( = “disposable”) agency workers, they can expect to be treated like screwdrivers. These manager’s goal is to select the correct “cog” to get the job done today — not to consider how the many-faceted aspects of the candidates personality could enhance the organization.

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