How Good are Your Ads at Helping Candidates Know Whether to Apply?

Recently, a reader asked me about applying for a project management job. She was missing a particular technical tool, but had plenty of what seemed to me as reasonable job experience. I suggested she apply anyway.

When I see an ad (or a job description) focused on tools, I am sure that the hiring manager has not analyzed the job. Sure there are issues for projects that may well depend on the development environment (contrast .Net with Ruby for example), but that doesn't mean a PM couldn't learn about those issues quickly.

If you're a hiring manager, analyze the job first. (See my templates page for my analysis template.) Don't ask for tools unless you really need them. Of course, you won't be able to use an automated resume tool picker. But that's ok. You're much less likely to get bazillions of resumes if you actually advertise for a person, not a tool.The better your ad, reflecting a real job analysis, the better your resumes. The better the resumes, the better the candidates.

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  1. Hi,
    The entire technical skills market borders on being absurd. You are totally correct when you say a hiring manager has not analyzed the job when they list a bunch of technical skills.
    Skills are important but today most management would rather churn than let you learn.
    Paul Hanrahan

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