Job Search Trap: Not Preparing for Each Interview

You've landed the interview. Congratulations! Now what?

Make sure you can discuss your value in detail. If you haven't done so, review your value as in Four Tips to Defining Your Value.

For each and every interview, you want to research the organization and prepare for the interview. You want to understand the questions they might ask you, and be prepared to answer some of the not-so-brilliant questions they might ask.

I've covered some of the interview questions I dislike here. See these posts:

You might want to read the interview questions I do like:

You can search this blog for many more interview questions and auditions that I like.

Get ready for the Manage Your Job Search launch this week. I'll be hosting conference calls this week. The first one, April 10, is a short introduction to personal kanban inside one-week timeboxes. I'll do a quick intro and answer your questions. Join me?

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