Job Search Trap: Stickies Everywhere Except on My Board

I recently met someone who thought he could manage his job search with yellow stickies. Given that I recommend personal kanban, I thought we'd be on the same wavelength.

Imagine my surprise when he said, “I have stickies all over my computer, to remind me of what I have to do.”

Oh no. That's not organized enough. That's a job search trap.

You can't organize an emergent project like a job search with stickies all over your computer, any more than you can with a Gantt chart, or a Word file, or a database, or anything else that is static or random. You need an adaptable system, one that allows you to plan just enough for now, but is flexible enough to allow for change, if you need it.

This is why I like personal kanban inside of one-week timeboxes. You have a pull system, where you can see the work, where you constantly move small tasks across the board, and you reflect at one-week intervals. You have a board—or a parking lot—on which to put everything. That means you don't have to worry when you have a great idea. You have a place to put it.

If you are looking for a job, you need a system, first. I recommend personal kanban.

Do you know about the Manage Your Job Search launch this week? I'm hosting a series conference calls. The first one, April 10, is a short introduction to personal kanban inside one-week timeboxes. I'll do a quick intro and answer your questions. Sign up for any or all. Hope you join me. They will be fun and informative.

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