Networking for a New Job or New Candidates

I’ve been reading Pfeffer’s Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t
and enjoying it a lot. I’ve had a few aha moments, and one has to do with networking for a new job. Here’s a quote:

Consequently, an optimal networking strategy is to know a lot of different people from different circles, have multiple organizational affiliations in a variety of different industries and sectors that are geographically dispersed, but not necessarily to know the people well or to develop close ties with them.

Think about it for a minute, though. If you already know people well, you know the jobs they have to offer. You know who the candidates are. If you really want to find new people or a new job, you need to exploit your connections in ways you haven’t exploited them before. (I mean exploit in the sense of “make the best use of”.)

Which of your networking sites allows you many different people from different circles, who may geographically dispersed? It doesn’t matter where people work; they know of jobs all over the world. It matters that they are not your close friends.

Think about it. I am.

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