Flipping the Bozo Bit on Recruiters

Recruiters are people, too. But when they do something not-so-bright, candidates tend to flip the bozo bit–not just on the recruiter, but on the company also.

A colleague is looking for a job. His resume clearly states 5 years at BigCompany. Recruiter from BigCompany sends him email in response to his resume posted on a job site. Email says in part, “Have you ever heard of us before?”

Ouch. That recruiter doesn’t inspire a candidate to call back. If the recruiter can’t read the resume, why would a hiring manager?

Be careful with form emails. They can easily backfire.

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  1. This reminds me of the time I received calls and emails from multiple recruiters about a position with my employer at the time. My resume was a great match because I helped write the description for the open position and modeled it after what I was doing at the time. Had these recruiters bothered to read my resume instead of relying solely on a good search engine match, they would have realized that I worked for the company for which they were recruiting in a position nearly identical to the open slot.

    I instantly flipped my bozo bit in reference to those recruiters.

    Ben Simo

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