Increase Your Value


I was at the Rational User Conference last week. I took away one significant idea from the keynotes and one of the track sessions: Writing software, according to Grady Booch is a “priviledge and a responsibility.” Systems are becoming more complex because we need them to do more things faster. We need people who can increase their value to the organization by providing these systems, taking their responsibility seriously.

Gary Cernosek gave a thought-provoking presentation in “Evolution of the Developer Role.” His premise was the developers need to turn into architects. I’m not sure about that. I do agree that continuous design a larefactoring is necessary and that developers as do all of us need to continuously increase their value to the organization.

If you’re not increasing your value to the organization every day, you’re becoming less useful and more expensive. And, you’re becoming a commodity. Commodity goods and services move to the cheapest provider.

I wrote about this earlier here, and suggested how you consider your career growth here.

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