Women and Names

After reading Where Are the Women — And Their Names?, I tried to leave this comment on the FC blog, but was unable to, so I’ll post it here:

I hope the trend is for people to make choices that fit for them. My daughters have my husband’s name. We only have trouble traveling when I want to use my frequent flyer miles for them. For some reason, airlines make it incomprehensively difficult for a person to use miles for someone with another last name. You’d think with all the divorces and recreated families, they’d have caught on by now.

I’m of the opinion that feminism is really for everyone. The more one sex placates the other (at home, in the workplace, wherever), the less society as a whole can use the talents of that sex.

A trap that too many execs (women and men) seem to fall into is: work more hours and get more done. People don’t work more hours and get more done. They work stupider and make more work for other people. I blogged a bit about this a while ago: here. My hope is that feminism (peoplelism??) will help everyone make choices that fit for them, depending on their circumstances.

For me, it’s not about names, it’s about being able to hire the more suitable person — no matter what he or she looks like. It’s about creating an environment in which people perform their best work — without requiring people give up their personal lives. And it’s about releasing products (whatever those look like) that fit the customers’ needs.

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