Announcement: Behind Closed Doors


I'm thrilled to announce that you can see the announcement of Esther's and my book, currently entitled Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management Revealed. Yes, this is the book we pair-wrote. We're in the final stretch. First is working with Andy and Dave and whomever from Pragmatic Bookshelf to make sure we didn't miss anything, add too much, and, of course, more editing. Then comes the “final” copyediting. We are on the road to a Sept 1, 2005 release date.

In case you're not sure, this is a show-and-tell book. First we show you what a great manager does. Then we tell you how to do it. Just a quick anecdote to wet your appetite: one of our reviewers didn't want to return his marked-up copy. He wanted to keep it, so he could follow the advice. We sent him a clean version, so we could use his edits 🙂

As we know more, we'll pass along the information.

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