Overtime is the First Indication of a Project in Trouble


I'm catching up on my blog-reading, and Udi Dahan's Programmers don't make projects fail is a keeper. Make sure you read to this part:

My philosophy is followed with an operative task: If you ever have to do more than 2 hours of overtime in a week, let me know.

I understand the 2 hours of overtime, although I'm not sure I agree with it. But any more than that, and you've got the first indication of a project in trouble.

2 thoughts on “Overtime is the First Indication of a Project in Trouble”

  1. Johanna – Check the formatting of your individual posting pages. In my browser, Safari, there’s so much white space above and below the post that you have to scroll down to see it. It seems that the post is centered vertically in the space, but the space is defined by your long left-hand column.

  2. Richard Rodger

    Overtime is a definite warning sign. But sometimes it happens because developers know they have it as a “safety” option, so they can then read slashdot etc. for longer during the working day. When I was a PM, (before I started a business), I used to insist on sending people home at 6PM. Sure, if there’s an issue you might need to call in some overtime (and I have), but it’s best to keep it for emergencies.
    I’m pretty sure I got the same productivity (things were still late, but hey!) and everyone was a lot happier.

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