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I've been working with Gil Broza on our teleclass series, Prevent Your Agile Titanic, both on marketing it and on its content. And it never fails, we have questions for each other almost every day. Sometimes I'm developing something and it looks “funny.” So I ask for review. Sometimes, as with the content, we discuss and one writes, and then we switch.

Pairing seems natural to us. We hadn't paired before this venture, and that doesn't matter. We are both ready to pair, which helps. Neither of us have egos that get in the way of the outcome: a great series of classes.

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  1. Picking it up from pair programming in the agile world, I found many good opportunities for pairing. I have long advocated in the interview process for requirements development. I have also found it helpful in software testing and technical writing. Courseware development, and also instruction, seem to be well suited for pairing. I have become a strong advocate.

  2. Nice article Johanna. Pairing works well in all aspects of innovation I’ve found. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir a bit but product development should never, ever be done in solitude as the result is for the masses.

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