Hiring Geeks That Fit is Available at the Pragmatic Bookshelf

Drum roll please… I am very pleased to announce that Hiring Geeks That Fit is also available at the Pragmatic Bookshelf!

I self-published the book at leanpub, and announced it over on Hiring Technical People, and have been writing about it in my newsletter for a few months. And, not everyone knew about it. I asked the Prags if they would carry it, so that people familiar with my books could buy it, and they said yes. I am thrilled.

Here's what the Prags say on their site:

This book was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

Thank you. I'm very happy you folks are carrying it.

If you have to hire anyone for your technical team—including managers—check out this book. You need it. I suggest you start somewhere and iterate.

If you bought my original hiring book, this book is better. It's slimmed down. The stories are better. I've added information on how to use Twitter and LinkedIn and how to use a multitude of online recruiting options, which the original book did not have.

If you can't hire people inside of a couple of months, you need this book. You have options to speed things along. And, start reading Hiring Technical People, because that's where I blog about those issues.

I have some quick-start hiring guides planned for this year, too. Sign up for the Pragmatic Manager newsletter to learn about them.

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