Many Slideshares for Your Reading Pleasure

I have posted several slideshares for your reading pleasure. You won’t get the pleasure of my humor, eye rolling and jokes. Nope, for that you would have had to hear me speak.

In September, I spoke at AgileSoCal, and had an interactive talk, Agile Teams and Collaboration: What’s New About Agile? I have a small piece about project chartering in this talk. I had a terrific time there. Thanks for being such gracious hosts, AgileSoCal.

In October, I was the keynote at the Project Management Exchange conference at Texas A&M. They say, “Howdy!” a lot there—I liked it! I delivered my Say Yes—Or Say No? What to Do When Faced With the Impossible talk. I’m not sure these wonderful folks had seen an experiential or interactive keynote before. We had a great time.

Last week, I spoke at the Project Management/Business Analyst Summit here in Boston. (Yes, sleeping at home! Fist pump!) I delivered my first updated public version of Agile Program Management: Collaborating Across the Organization. I received many great comments on it.

I also took this time to clear out some of the slideshares on my LinkedIn profile. My goodness, some of them were quite old. You can find all my slideshares on

I had an idea, prompted by one email request: would you like a series of webinars of my talks, recorded? If I can figure out how to use the camera (with lighting), you would be able to see my eye rolls, and be in on the jokes. It’s still won’t be experiential, but it might give you a flavor of me speaking. Please comment if you think this would be something you’d like.

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