New Practical Product Ownership Workshop Dates

I just posted the dates for the next Practical Product Ownership workshop: Deliver What Your Customers Need. It starts Aug 23, 2016.

You need this workshop if:

  • You are having trouble doing everything in your PO role, you might be trying to do too much. See Product Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst?
  • You are having trouble deciding how to organize your backlog, roadmap, and everything.
  • How to value the items you do organize. We discuss Cost of Delay and seven other possibilities to rank the items.
  • How to help people articulate the problems they want the team to solve, not the solutions.
  • And much, much more.

We meet twice a week for six weeks. Our first meeting is a 90-minute teaching call, where I teach and you ask questions. We meet later that week for a 60-minute coaching call, where you bring your problems, concerns, and challenges.

I estimate you will have about 60-90 minutes of homework every week. Any other questions? Email me.

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