InfoQ Podcast About Remembering Jerry Weinberg

During Agile 2018, Jerry Weinberg died. Shane Hastie and I had already agreed to do a recording of some sort while at the conference. We invited Esther Derby and turned our time into a lovely podcast about Remembering Jerry Weinberg. Yes, I was quite emotional. I'm human.

I wrote a post about some of my memories in How Do You Say Goodbye? last week.

If you're not sure of how Jerry may have affected your work, here is a sampling:

I use the Fieldstone Method of writing, as in his Weinberg on Writing.

I could go on, but I'll stop here. Note that I categorized this post under “thinking.” I could have categorized it otherwise, maybe as “feeling.” Jerry worked and wrote at the intersection of our human-ness and how that affects how we work.

He helped me clarify my thinking in any number of ways. His writing will help you, too.

Take Jerry's leadership into your thinking and you might surprise yourself. Please do give Remembering Jerry Weinberg a listen.

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