Conferences Speakers and “Making Room” for Other Voices

I’ve spoken professionally at conferences for 25 years. I enjoy it. And, several people—all men, so far—have suggested I should “make room” for other voices. To me, that’s a solution in search of a problem. I ask them what problems they want to solve. They want speakers who are: More diverse in gender More diverse …

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Podcast on Roundabout: Creative Chaos

I had a blast with Tammy and Tim on the podcast (#88). We spoke about many topics: Consulting and marketing Women and computer science Writing and my workshops and books We spoke about writing earlier in the show, but at about minute 50, we spoke a lot more about writing. We laughed a lot!

Take Time to Think

I’m catching up with my blog reading. Several posts caught my eye, all dealing with taking time to think: When you take time to think between sessions, the sessions may go faster. You’ll almost certainly have a better outcome. (Esther and I learned this on Behind Closed Doors.) See Ron Jeffries’ take on thinking: Shooting …

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Adapting is Key

  Bruce sent me a pointer to this post, There is no spoon. I have to admit, I don’t understand the spoon part. I suspect there’s a reference to a move I haven’t seen. (Fellow writers: be aware that many of your readers do not share your popular culture norms 🙂 But if you read …

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I’m the Queen of the Non-Career Enhancing Conversation

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (or the Hiring blog), you can see that I’m not shy or demure. I’m blunt and direct. And in most circumstances, I manage to straight-talk without hurting anyone, even myself. But that wasn’t the case earlier this week. I was writing the PM book, concentrating. The phone …

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Everyone Needs a "Boss"

  One of my clients said to me, “There’s no one who doesn’t need a boss.” He meant it as “Everyone needs someone to check with, to make sure they’re headed in the right direction.” I agree.