More Fun on the Troubleshooting Agile Podcast, Part 2

Jeffrey, Squirrel, and I continued our conversation on the Troubleshooting Agile Podcast, with Part 2.

We addressed more of the Modern Management Made Easy principles. Specifically, we discussed the ideas of empathy and value-based integrity.

We had a great discussion about several of the principles in the Modern Management Made Easy books:

  • Empathy
  • Value-based integrity
  • Should we even have managers? (I say yes, but I'm just one person.)
  • Why frank and direct conversations create better outcomes.

Jeffrey liked the call to action at the end of each book. In the last chapter, I ask the reader to:

  • Assess their behavior
  • Consider how they might change your behavior first
  • And to release the idea of perfection. We can't be perfect, even though we continue to try.

We had a great time.

(If you have not yet read their book, Agile Conversations, I suggest you do. I'm only part of the way through and am enjoying it immensely.)

Hope you enjoy listening to this podcast!

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