Discussion of Modern Management Made Easy with Scott Hanselman

I had a terrific time with Scott Hanselman on his podcast, Hanselminutes. Listen to our conversation on Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman.

I started listening to Scott's podcast a couple of years ago. I regularly listen because he:

  • Selects people I've never heard of before
  • Organizes the interview in ways that clarify the ideas.
  • Makes his guests sound smart.

I always learn something from his podcast. You can tell I'm a bit of a fan-girl.

Before we started recording, I told him I was a big fan. And that I was just a tiny bit nervous.

Some of you are laughing right now. I'm not nervous when I deliver a keynote to thousands of people. I get excited when I deliver a keynote, but not nervous.

As far as I can tell, Scott focuses on the guest, to make the content easy to understand for the listeners. His ability to do that makes being a guest on his podcast easy and fun—and eased my nerves.

Take a listen to Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman. Like what you hear? See the Modern Management Made Easy books.

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