Explore Modern Management on a Bonus Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast with Vasco

Vasco and I had a wonderful discussion about the Modern Management Made Easy books on his Scrum Master podcast. Listen to BONUS: Modern Management trilogy by Johanna Rothman.

We discussed why Scrum Masters and coaches might want to read these books. And how to use the information in the books.

(Hint: to support and serve the team and managers. Not to tell people, “You're doing it wrong.” No!! Support people with options.)

Scrum Masters and coaches often discover several problems:

  • The Scrum Master or coach moves from being the expert to supporting a team.
  • The manager interferes with the team more than the manager helps—without realizing it.
  • Teams are collections of individuals, not a real team. We spoke about how to see a team's cycle time to see how fast a team can learn. Not just about the product, but about how teams learn more reliably.

Vasco is a terrific interviewer. He guided the conversation so you could get the most out of it. I hope you listen to it—it's a bit different from my other interviews.

The podcast: BONUS: Modern Management trilogy by Johanna Rothman.

Start here to see the Modern Management Made Easy books.

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