Unfreeze the “Frozen Middle” of Management

I had great fun with Cherie Silas and Alex Kudinov on their podcast, “Keeping Agile Non-Denominational.” Listen to Unfreezing the Frozen Middle.

You've seen or heard about this problem: Senior leadership says, “Yes we need agility!”

The teams say, “Yes, we got the agile goodness here!”

And the middle managers? They're stuck. The current culture pulls them one way. The agile behaviors pull them another way.

That's the middle management freeze.

The culture changes—or lack of changes—freeze them.

The middle managers think they can't easily change the culture. But they can. (See A Contrarian’s Perspective on Agile Mindset, Behaviors, Culture.)

Can you support unfreezing your middle managers? Yes. Read the Modern Management Made Easy books.

Listen to this podcast, Unfreezing the Frozen Middle.


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