Fun Discussion with the Agile Uprising

I had the pleasure of being on the Agile Uprising Podcast: Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman.

We had a wide-ranging discussion, including:

  • What the manager's job is (and is not).
  • How servant leaders support people taking responsibility.
  • Why, if people manage through the seven principles, we don't need to use transparency and communication as principles.
  • How trust, empathy, and creating a safe environment are what allows us to use agile approaches.
  • How we managers must be leaders and leaders also encompass parts of management.
  • Why we might want to substitute the word “trust” instead of the word, “empower.”
  • The costs and fallacy of yearly planning. (And what to do instead.)

I had a blast again, and with any luck, I'll return for a discussion about performance evaluations and how to offer raises.

The Seven Principles

  1. Clarify your purpose (you, team, organization).
  2. Build empathy with the people who do the work.
  3. Build a safe environment.
  4. Seek outcomes and optimize for the overarching goal.
  5. Encourage experiments and learning.
  6. Catch people succeeding.
  7. Exercise your value-based integrity.

The podcast: Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman. Enjoy!

See the Modern Management Made Easy books, too.

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