Writing Secret 1: Use the Growth Mindset to Write in 15-Minute Chunks

Recently, several people have congratulated me on my “natural” writing. I thank them and try not to giggle. Why? Because I am not a “natural” writer. I have written and published enough that I found my writer's voice.

Instead of talent, I have persistence. I use that persistence in small, timeboxed chunks. That's part of the growth mindset.

Why? Because I don’t need a ton of time. I can take one thing, explore it, and see how far I can go in just 15 minutes. No writer's block, because it's just 15 minutes.

(Side note: I need a 14-minute block for fiction. I’m not sure where to go once I hit 14 minutes, so I need a break. How funny is that??)

Why 15 minutes? Several reasons:

  • Because I can almost always find 15 minutes to write something. (If I can't, I use 10 minutes. Sometimes, I use 5 minutes.)
  • That short time allows me to make progress on whatever writing project I have.
  • The pressure is off. I made a little progress and I know I can write more later.
  • With enough 15-minute chunks, I can finish something almost every week.

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