Who Is Agile? A book on LeanPub

Yves Hanoulle has edited a book, called Who Is agile? Full disclosure: I am in the book.

I love this book. Not because I am in it, but because of all the back-stories, the pictures, and the links. And, oh my goodness, the links.

I did not expect to love this book. I expected to like the book. I expected to learn something. I expected to entertain myself for an hour or two. After all, how interesting could it be? I'd been reading the Who Is… series on Yves' blog. Yes, I'd missed a couple of people, but really. Put all the blog posts together, and have a book? So Yves edited, and added more links and edited and added more links, and maybe I'd missed a few people, but really, a book? How compelling could that be?

Well, you should read this book. You will understand how agile has become as strong as it is, not because of the signatories of the manifesto, but because of those of us who use agile in our day-to-day lives. How we live it and use it in our teams and our work. Read about Lisa Crispin and how she paired with Janet Gregory.

Read about Bob Marshall, Nicole Belilos, George Dinwiddie, and Jutta Eckstein. And those are just the people I feel as if I already know. Look at their beautiful pictures. Read their back-stories. Get to know them as people. And then, click on all of the links.

What is truly valuable about this book is the links Yves has collected for each of us Who Is people. There are links to each person's web site, books, blog, videos, interesting stories, the list goes on. The links are what makes the book. Yves has created a collection unlike anything else I have seen.

Yves used Leanpub to create the book, which means you buy it now, and as he updates it, you get the updated version. What's not to love? You get a wonderful book now, you keep getting a wonderful book, you read lots of different perspectives on how we all got to be agilists, and, you get all of these links.

Buy the book. Smile as you read it. Sigh as you read the one “Who was.” Laugh at the funny parts. Enjoy it. And, thank Yves for all the work. The links, my goodness, the links.

6 thoughts on “Who Is Agile? A book on LeanPub”

  1. hi Johanna,

    Such a nice words. You make me blush. And that on valentine…
    Thank you.
    It’s because of reactions like this that I decided turning the blogposts into a book would be a good idea. That you write this now proves it was a good idea.

    I love that your feedback is also very clear what you like about the book. I received some questions from people who also wrote a “who is” answer and wondered if the links were appropriate for the book. I started to wonder if I needed to take them out. You removed that doubt…

    One small remark: please also add a link to http://www.leanpub.com (you mention their name without linking to them.

    1. Yves, thank you. I updated the post to include the link. Everyone else, see what I mean about the links?? (No, I did not forget one intentionally. I tried to include all the links I could. I forgot that one.)

  2. I’m curious how the lean publishing model is working out… I am a fan of the lean startup methodology and I’m presently writing a book on electro-horticulture. I’m curious what to expect. Do you get sales even though it isn’t fully complete yet?


    1. David, yes, we all receive royalties as soon as we first hit “publish”, even though our books may not be totally complete. It’s a great deal. Our readers help us finish, and we get paid.

  3. To add what Johanna says, for me the feedback is the most important part.
    We have already added lots of other ideas to the book.
    Ideas that readers say.
    Feedback from reviewers is one thing. Feedback from paying users is even higher ( for me)
    Which is a leanstartup ideas.
    The fact that our books are high on the leanpub best sellers list is good feedback.
    The money will never be the same as on amazon, but that you can still do once the book is finished, actually leanpub can help you with it if you want that.

    If you think about writing a book: Check out leanpub.

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