Webinar Recording Available, Last Day for Early Registration for Workshop

Shane and I recorded a webinar at noon today, about our Geographically Distributed Agile Teams workshop. We had a great time, and answered a lot of questions.

We had a few recording glitches, so if you hear me talking over Shane, oops. To me, it sounded as if he was not talking. There is a time period about 32 minutes into the recording where he did drop off the webinar entirely, and I was trying to not talk over him. Of course, that's where I stopped talking. Sigh. I just could not win. Please listen anyway and forgive us our technical oopsies.

Today is the last day for early-bird registration for our workshop, Working Effectively In Geographically Distributed Agile Project Teams. If you are arriving from outside the Bay Area, I have a block of rooms reserved at the local Marriott Courtyard. Please do join us.

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