Immortalize Your Agile Team on Video

Do you want to immortalize your agile team? Would you like to contribute to the research about how agile teams collaborate? If so, have I got a deal for you.

My friend and colleague, David Socha, a professor at the University of Washington, in the Seattle area is writing a grant  for the NSF to fund a 5-year study of how professional software people collaborate. One reason he's doing this is to better understand what universities might have to teach. (What a great idea!) He would leave video cameras running in your organization for a few weeks.

To see a description of his project and some of his published work, see Collaboration in the Wild.

Does this sound cool or what?

If you're interested, email David at socha at uw dot edu.

You need to contact him soon. He needs to finish this grant proposal by July 21, 2013. Though he is still interested, even if you cannot make that timeline.

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  1. I know of several teams that are using collaborative software development tools, and videoconferencing for working together, remotely.

    A Y Combinator project is one of them:
    The floobits developers use their tool in developing the product. They aim to make it easy to work together, even if you don’t use the same editor (emacs, vim, sublime).

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