InfoQ Interviews Posted

While I was on vacation in early January, there were two interviews posted on InfoQ:

Ben Linders interviewed Esther Derby, Don Gray, and me about the Change Artistry book. I'm really pleased about the way the interview came out. Thanks, Ben!

Back at Agile 2013, Shane Hastie interviewed me. The interview is here. We spoke about many things: the dangers of multitasking, hiring, and agile program management. We had a great time. I only with you could have seen Shane on camera too. Oh well.

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  1. Thanks Johanna for doing the interview on Change Artistry. And of course also a big thanks to Esther Derby and Don Gray.

    I think that it’s the diversity in the answers which the three of you gave wich make the interview so valuable for the InfoQ readers. It clearly shows that there are no silver bullets or “best practices” that can be used at all times. That is what I have learned from talking to you, which makes Change an Artistry.

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