Architects as Servant Leaders

As more teams and organizations transition to agile, they discover something important about leadership. Leadership is part of everything we do in an agile project. It doesn't matter if it's development or testing, management or architecture. We need people with high initiative and leadership capabilities.

That leads me to these questions:

  • We need project management. Do we need project managers?
  • We need management. Do we need managers?
  • We need architecture. Do we need architects?

As with all interesting questions, often the answers are, “It depends.” What do those people do? How do they do it?

In December, I gave a talk, “Agile Architect as Servant Leader” for IASA. That talk outlines some of the ways agile architects might work as servant leaders. See the slides: Agile Architect as Servant Leader.

Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the OrganizationThere is more about servant leadership in Agile and Lean Program Management, for program managers, program product owners, and architects.

Here is the link to the recording: Agile Architect as Servant Leader.

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