Want to Write Non-Fiction Better?

If you write as part of your job, I have a new online workshop starting in March. It's Writing Workshop 1: Write Non-Fiction to Enhance Your Business and Reputation.

Here's the problem I see. You're a consultant or other entrepreneur. You know you need to write to enhance or build your reputation. You see a blank page (paper or screen), and you have no idea what to write. Maybe you can start, but you get 23 words in and get stuck. Maybe you get 5,000 words in, and you know there's good work in there, but you can't see it.

If you would like to address these challenges (and more), and deliver non-fiction articles, blog posts or newsletters to your readers, this workshop is for you.

You'll learn:

  • How to make writing a habit.
  • How to structure an article that people want to read.
  • Write articles or blog posts or whatever that engage your ideal reader and build your reputation.
  • What writing is. What editing is. How they are different.
  • How to decide when to place your writing where.

You will write during this workshop. We will focus on short non-fiction, such as blog posts and articles.

I am the only person who will read your writing. I have published over 500 articles and well over 1500 blog posts. I write two columns each month and two quarterly columns each year. (If you have ever been part of a critique group, you know sometimes they savage you with feedback. I won't do that.) I am a professional technical editor, as well as a writer.

I am focusing this workshop for people who know that writing will enhance their professional prospects, who have trouble publishing finished work. You will learn many ways to structure your work and publish. If you do the homework, you can expect that you will finish at least one article, as part of this workshop.

Want to join us? See Writing Workshop 1: Write Non-Fiction to Enhance Your Business and Reputation for full details and signup.

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