What Does Agile Mean to You?

Over on Techwell, my monthly column is Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference.

I wrote the article because I am tired of people saying “Agile/Scrum” as if Scrum was the only way to do agile.

I use iterations, kanban, and the XP technical practices when I work with teams. I am not religious about the “right” way to do agile. I like any combination of approaches that help a team deliver value often. I like anything that helps a team to get feedback on their work and their team process.

I like anything that helps management ask the right questions and create an environment in which teams can succeed.

Dogma doesn't work very well for me. (I know, you are so surprised.)

If you are thinking about your agile approach, ask yourself, “What does agile mean to me? What value will agile deliver?”

Before you decide on an approach, answer that question. You might be more Dan in my most recent Pragmatic Manager, Define Your Agile Success. Once you know what agile means to you, you might start to read more about possibilities that fit for you.

If you are a leader in your organization trying to use agile more effectively, consider participating in the Influential Agile Leader.

2 Replies to “What Does Agile Mean to You?”

  1. Give up, the recruiters have won the battle of words. They can call anything by any buzzword they want. I find that I cannot embarrass them into using words that show they know what they are discussing.

    1. Dwayne, some of the recruiters do not understand agile. I have found that when I integrate recruiters into agile hiring, they start to understand.

      We have a lot of buzzword-bingo in our industry, certainly around agile now. It’s always been that way, but the recruiters have power and they don’t understand.

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