The Value of Planning

The Value of Planning I like my plans. I have several levels of plans: a year or so specifically for books and workshops, a 6-month roadmap so I stay on track or change my track, a one-month week-by-week proposed roadmap, and a weekly plan. I use a kanban board to manage my weekly plans. (See …

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ProjectManagementParadise Podcast Up

Johnny Beirne over at projectmanagementparadise podcast interviewed me, specifically about my post, Visualize Your Work So You Can Say No. See Episode 38: “How to visualise your work so that you can say no” with Johanna Rothman. Hope you enjoy it!

Understand Your Project Interdependencies

Understand Your Project Interdependencies Do you have interdependencies in your projects and programs? People on one team need something or someone from another team. Part of the problem is that we use the same word (interdependency) to describe two different problems. Teams can solve sequencing interdependencies. Teams need managers to solve specialist interdependencies. In Sequencing …

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What Does Agile Mean to You?

Over on Techwell, my monthly column is Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference. I wrote the article because I am tired of people saying “Agile/Scrum” as if Scrum was the only way to do agile. I use iterations, kanban, and the XP technical practices when I work with teams. I am not religious about …

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